Friday, May 16, 2008

The Purple Dialogue w/ Obama in 30 Seconds Video

Faced with problems on a scale far beyond that which humanity has ever imagined or confronted in the past, we are now FORCED to become EFFECTIVE at generating viable SOLUTIONS for all of humanity. In order to move BEYOND the red/blue Republican/Democrat standoff we need a way to obtain mutually BENEFICIAL solutions. The Purple Dialogue is a LIVE communication process with the TWO-WAY exchange of information. Words do not communicate meaning and intent accurately so verification needs to take place. If there is ever disagreement on any issue then this means that both sides do not UNDERSTAND each other. At least one side needs to learn something new. They either need to learn how to express themselves better or they need to learn what the other side is trying to say, or both. Once BOTH sides UNDERSTAND each other accurately then mutually beneficial solutions become more obvious. Barack Obama is a good example of how The Purple Dialogue is used to express solution-oriented possibilities that take all points-of-view into consideration. The Purple Dialogue, a way to UNDERSTAND each other.

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Welcome to The Purple Dialogue

The Purple Dialogue is a way for all of us to understand each other. Using politics as an example with the Red/Blue - Republican/Democrate conflict, The Purple Dialogue is the blending of awareness and understanding of BOTH sides of every issue. With greater understanding then solutions become easier to see and figure out.